Clear Creek Jan. 16, 1999

 January 19, 1999. Left to right: Jay, Dave, Vince, Dan, Peter, Kevin, Dustin, Dave, Mike

Only a few pictures this trip, we were too busy riding. Dirty bike after a day of riding. The object in the backround is an old mercury smelter.

 The front and back side of the smelter. You figure out which side is which.

 This one is for you Kurt, the van. This is what will happens to your vehicle if you park it at Clear Creek for more then 10 or 20 years.

 A quick tune up and an oil change and this baby is ready to roll.

 Ok, a little body work and a paint job wouldn't hurt.

August 19, 2001 Van Update:

The van is gone. It seems the BLM did not like the van and hauled it away, or did they bury it?

Last update: Jan. 22, 1999.