Impassable When Wet
New Idria Road
If the road is dry, you can pretty much ignore this sign. Trucks and SUVs should not have a problem getting to the San Benito Natural area once you pass this sign. But, when the road is wet, it's a different story. A 4-wheel drive vehicle with good ground clearance will have fun going up this road. If you have a 2-wheel drive truck, you can do it, but it will be a little tricky. If you have a car, forget it.
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Nov. 1997. I managed to get up New Idria when it was wet with a 2-wheel drive, open differential F-150 while pull a trailer. It can be done. I made it to with in 20 feet of the camp site only to be sucked into a nasty puddle. On later trips I mounted Dunlop Mud Rover tires on my truck and they made a world of difference.
Muddy bike.