The road to New Idria and the Clear Creek area.

Coming from Hollister going south on the I-25, look for the J1 split just past the town of Paicines. On the cornor of the I-25 / J1 intersection is a little general store. This will be the last place you'll be able to get a cold Coke for quiet a while. At this intersection you have two choices.

1. Continue down the I-25 past the Pinnacels. About 10 miles past the Pinnacles NM enterance you'll hit a stop sign. Going stright through the stop sign (after stoppng of course) will put you on the Coalinga-Los Gatos road. This road twists and turns over a few mountians and valleys and eventually ends up in the town of Coalinga. About 12 miles in, just past Hernandez Reservoir (or Hernandez mud flat depending on the time of year) you'll hit the trun off for Clear Creek road. Clear Creek road is a dirt road with several creek crossings that comes in from the back side of New Idria.
The perferred vehical on this road is a Honda CR-500. But if you don't have a dirt bike, a 4 wheel drive truck or SUV will do . During the winter months this road can get very muddy and slippery and 4 wheel drive is a must. During the drier times of the year a 2 wheel drive vehical with some ground clearence should be able to travers this road without too much trouble.
2. Turn left onto the J1. At first the J1 is a nice road to travel. After going through Panoche pass it starts to get a little rough. Nothing an ordenary car can't handle. Just one of those old country roads that time forgot about.
The town of Panoche is about 30 miles in, look for the school house. shortly after the town youl'll come to the New Idria road turn off. Hang a right and New Idria will be about 24 miles away.
Note, there is one section of this road just before you get to New Idria that could be a chalange for a car, especally if the road is wet. It's a pretty good size pot hole on a uphill section.