Young Zip

Kurt, do you feel fast?

Pictures of Kurt racing.



Then there's Kurt, his friends know him as Zip. This is him with his 1993 YZ 250. Lets see now, after market pipe, long rod kit, cylinder ported and polished. That good for about 8 to 10 more horsepower. But I think the powdered coated frame and graphic kit are good for a lot more. Not only is it fast, but it looks good too. Hey Kurt, lets go riding!

Here's Zip getting sick air on the track at Hollister Hills. If he gets any higher, we're gonna have to strap a parachute to his bike so he can get down safely.

Take a lesson on hill climbing from Kurt, the master hill climber.

Kurt's next bike: Built in secret by Yamaha, the YZ 500 R was designed to give the Honda CR 500R a run for its money. The prototype was tested in a secret location in California by test pilot Kurt "Zippy" Ikerd in 1997. The design is so secret, not even C.A.R.B. knows about it. When test pilot Zip was asked to comment on the design he said "this bike rips". "It's like a supercharged CR500". "Look out boys, I'm gonna run you over then go back and make sure".

Oh yeah, the good old days. Before dirtbikes and wives, we had beer.

Last updated Oct. 13, 1998