Partial maps of the BLM Clear Creek area.
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Clear Creek is such a large area that it is difficult to put it on a computer screen. This map just shows the main road, Clear Creek road from Coalinga road to New Idria. Please note that this map does not show the closed areas within the Clear creek area. Respect the closed areas and all fences. If you are caught by the BLM ranger in the closed areas be ready to shell out about $800.00. Personally I think the BLM ranger should be allowed to impound your bike and make you walk out. But, as it is now, it's only a $800.00 fine. You should also know that if there are more then 15 violations within one year, Clear creek may be closed forever. It's not worth it!


Click here for a 372Kb, hard to read topo map of this area.

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Interactive map of Clear Creek
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Phone numbers
Clear Creek Management area 408 637-8183
Clear Creek Conditions (408) 630-5060 (a recorded message updated about every week or when conditons change)

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Last updated July 29, 1998