Aug 21-23, 1998

PiPi was a bust! Located in the Eldorado National Forest, PiPi Valley is a beautiful place to camp. Unless of course you plan on camping and riding. Oh sorry you can't ride your OHV in the camp grounds. You have to drive 5 miles up the road and camp in an unimproved camp ground with no running water. The trails were nice but, the dust had the consistence of talcum powder.

Once disturbed it just hung in the air. Riding behind someone was like trying to ride in a choking fog, and we had a group of 12 riders. Needless to say, our air filters took a beating. Man, I may just throw my air filter away and get a new one, YUCK! More times then I can count, I went off the trail because I couldn't see it.

 Dirty faces that need to be cleaned.  Clean at last. Be gone PiPi dust!

 Spencer, was PiPi dusty?  Hey Peter, how come your face is so clean?

 I would like more dust please, thank you.  Me at speed down the dustiest road on the face of the earth.

I found out the hard way that branches and radiators don't mix.

Thanks Jason, but Clear Creek is way better then PiPi.

PiPi recovery effort well under way.


For more info:
Amador Ranger District
26820 Silver Dr.
Pioneer, CA 95666
(209) 295-4251

OHV Areas:
Elkin Flats and Gold Note.

Last update: Aug 30, 1998.