Vintage Clear Creek Pictures. Pictures from the way back machine.
Wow! I found these old photos after doing some clean up in the garage. Did these pictures bring back some memories. This was my first trip to Clear Creek.

Date: Approx. 1988
Location: Indian Hill
Bike: Barrowed Suzuki RM100
Gun: Winchester Model 70 .22LR
Cohorts: Sid and Peter.

The wonder wagon. A 1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon with the roof skillfully hacked off.
Finally home. Now if I remember right, we got a flat passing Gilroy on the way to Clear Creek. No spare was to be found on the wonder wagon. So we got a new tire in Gilroy, 2-3 hour delay. Half way up Coalinga road, the lug nuts on the new tire came lose and the whole wheel started to wobble, 20 minute delay tightening up the lug nuts. Finally made it to Clear Creek. On the trip there, the wonder wagon was loaded with 3 bikes, 3 passengers, camping supplies and fire wood stuffed in every available nook and cranny. No doubt the wonder wagon was severely overloaded, amazing we made it there alive.
When we left Clear Creek, a few miles off Clear Creek road, another tire blew up. We had no spare tire, so we started to look for one. Sid pulled his bike off and started scouting around some of the ranches in the area. A rancher on Old Hernandez road had a barn full of old wheels (what are the odd?). We managed to find a wheel with the correct lug pattern and slapped it on. This tire must have been 40 years old. The side walls were cracked and dried out. But it lasted long enough to get us home. Amazing we made it home alive.