Ford 2003 F-350 6.0L Turbo Diesel

Base Line Pictures
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6.0L Engine 1 6.0L Engine 2 6.0L Engine 3 6.0L Engine 4 Bellhousing Brake, Right Front
Brake, Right Rear Exhaust Manifold,
Exhaust Manifold,
Left Top
Exhaust Manifold,
Right Bottom
Exhaust Manifold,
Exhaust Manifold,
Right Stain
Exhaust Manifold,
Right Top
Front CV Joint Front Diff, Back
Front Drive
Fuel Door,
Fuse Block
HFCM Lift Block, Rear Oil & 2nd Fuel
PCM Radiator Cap Rear Diff, Bottom
Rear Diff , Top View Starter Sticker, Safety compliance Sticker, Belt Routing Sticker Ca Emission Sticker, Engine
Build Date
Sticker, Left Valve Cover Sticker, Red, Right Valve Cover Sticker, Service A/C Sticker, Torqshift exchange tag Turbo, Top of TX Case and Cat,
Long View
TX case 42.4 cents / Gallon in Fed and state taxes.
Oil companies are lucky to make 8 to 10 cents / Gallon profit. The gas station owner may make 3 to 5 cents / gallon profit. So who are the real gougers?

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